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I am interested in interpretation for my DNA in pharmacogenetics PGx (how drugs respond to my body and suggested dosage information) and lifestyle decision support (food metabolism and prevention of illnesses).

Medicine inventory.

Easily make an inventory just by scanning the barcodes. Set dosages and quantities. So you always know what you have!

Health diary Keep track of what you take and when. Log your symptoms and send them to your doctor by email, or just display them within your smartphone.

ADR interaction check Would you like to know about the medicines in your home medicine box that should not be taken together? We have the function for Estonians currently implemented.

Medication reminders.

Add pill reminder to your medicine, vitamins or other supplements. Never miss a pill again! MediKeep will notify you when medications in your home cabinet are about to expire or need to be refilled.

Starting from Estonia and going global!

For Estonians we have added all the medicine and package names to our database. Viewing e-prescription (alternative to Eesti.ee portal) by authentication via MobileID makes it really easy to preview personal prescription drugs and to add them to user inventory in MediKeep. Estonians can locate nearest pharmacies.

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For what can I use MediKeep? How do I benefit from it?

- Pregnancy: reminders for taking vitamins and food supplements
- Post-pregnancy: taking care of your baby. Remembering every health detail or when to give vitamins...
- Complicated treatments with several medications. Set reminders for different dosages and times.
- Inventory of all home medicine. You always know what you have when visiting your doctor... Maybe your old medicine will do and you do not have to buy new stock! Save some bucks!
- You can't remember medicine names or symptoms? Use inventory or health diary for symptom checking.
- Taking care of Your family members or pets? Care as much as you need, MediKeep will help to remind! Stress less with your medicine and health issues!

Is my data safe?

Safety is one of our main priorities when it comes to private and personal information. This is why we keep our databases secured following the data privacy standards, which ultimately means that important information is encrypted. Note that we do not keep your very sensitive data in our databases (such as your e-prescription data). That type of data is stored only on your phone.

Are you looking for investors and partners?

Yes, we are. We are looking for investors who share our vision of providing the best home pharmacy management tool for the market and see the Big Picture benefit of MediKeep app. We are looking for partners and databases to collaborate with, medicine information, retail (barcodes) or product information. We are also looking for system integration with pharmacy loyalty programs and great product deals to offer in-app for our users.

Partners and friends

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