MediKeep app for home pharmacy

MediKeep is a mobile app for home pharmacy inventory with intelligent reminder system. Create Your digital inventory in minutes and add reminders or health events to the diary. Travelling is made easy when you have global pharmacy locator in your pocket. We have automatic reminders for medicine or vitamins expire dates and refills!

Smart reminders

We have reminders for your medicine, supplements or vitamins. Our smart reminder system will take care of the diary logging. You can mark your reminders as “taken” and they are logged into the health diary events or “postpone” reminder for 15 minutes. Automatic reminders will take care of expire dates and refills!

Global pharmacy map

The app keeps You up to date with the nearest pharmacies, wherever you travel. Just open the app and locate pharmacy, we even forward you to directions if needed!

Family members

Add different family members and add reminders for them. Take care of your kids, parents or pets – You name it! Log health events into the Health Diary under family members name.