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Do You Have A Warrior Or Worrier Gene?

Why some people cope better with stress and some fold under the pressure? This can be explained with COMT gene. It is one of the most important markers associated with intelligence and personality. COMT gene codes for the COMT enzyme which breaks down dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for planning, decision making, cognitive ability, problem-solving, reasoning. COMT gene marker (SNP) has two alleles. Please remember that this one marker does not define You as a person thou, but is related to the statistical findings.

Umami – the 5th taste. Do You have it?

There is a variation in umami tasting sensitivity among different individuals. The umami taste is elicited by glutamate (an amino acid) in foods. Glutamate interacts with the taste receptors and a sensation of umami is the result. There are several taste receptor genes, each gene produces a part of the taste receptor. The umami receptor is made up of two parts. It has been found that a variant SNP in one gene, TAS1R3, that produces one part of the umami receptor, may double umami tasting sensitivity. This variant is the relatively rarer T allele…