Assisted DNA report


Assisted DNA report means that we use our partners services to analyse Your DNA raw data against ca 25 000 scientific articles. But the report is not well understandable for general public as it is very medical. MediKeep will provide insight how to read the report, what is important to read personally for you and what information is not relevant, so you would get the best experience and use our past experience in reading the reports.

You can learn about disease risks (if you have any and how serious, gene mutations and carrier risks), personal traits (sleep, anxiety, stress resistance) , some personalised medicine (antidepressants, statins, warfarin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin) and nutrition (caffeine, folate). The origin of the report is in English language.

This service requires your DNA data to be transferred anonymously to the partner servers in USA. We can not guarantee, that after interpretation (and upload) the data is deleted even if you/we require it. We provide the best practices to guarantee your anonymity.