DNA raw data


You will get: DNA testing kit with free parcel posting (2 ways) via OMNIVA; Your DNA raw data file in .VCF format; access to different DNA reports with reduced prices; 1 free Promethease.com (view example) report with over thousands of articles about yourself.

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For testing we will send saliva kit for your DNA analysis with instructions. Please read them carefully and post your kit back as soon as possible! All the tests will be sent to the lab 1st of June 2018 the latest. Once the tube is in the lab, testing will take approximately 3-4 weeks and 1 week for file processing and report. If you send the tube back fast, we might get your results also faster.
The report will be provided to you by email.

Learn, how to take the saliva test:

The produced DNA raw data file will be available for you to download in .VCF format. You own your data!
We do not share any of your information with other companies, but the biomedical lab and the company providing the complimentary report.