Genetic counseling 2h


You may have questions regarding to the heredity and diseases or you may have questions about genetic tests or reports you are planning to take or have taken already. Our online video call with the genetic counselor can help you to find answers.

Our genetic counseling is done online via specially set up online video meeting room. You do not have to download or install any software but should check if your web-cam and microphone is set to work properly. Instructions for the private 60 minutes counseling will be sent right after purchasing the product. The counseling takes 2 hour total including the video call, before and after preparations. DNA data or any of the tests and reports is not required but can be sent to the counselor before hand. Initial service steps:
1. Agree the meeting time by e-mail or phone.
2. Fill in the online form. It is prerequisities for the counseling session.
3. Get in-app notification in MediKeep app 1h before the counseling session.
4. Test your technical capabilities and test the link we will send you for the meeting.
5. Online counseling for 60 minutes on the scheduled date and time.
6. Get the summary for your counseling session by email.

MediKeep’s genetic counselor has PhD in genetic counseling (but no MD, so no prescriptions or diagnosis is possible).
Languages: English or Estonian.