Microbiome test “before and after”

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Microbiome test is separate from any of your DNA tests, because in this test your microbiome DNA is tested, which is separate from yours. But I plays a huge role in health and wellness. This test contains 2 analyses “before and after”. Download sample report.

The microbiota test answers the following questions:

    • What kind of bacteria are found in your intestines?
    • Do you have probiotic bacteria?
    • Does your bacterial community refer to inflammation?
    • Do you need to change your diet?
    • How do the supplements impact your microbiota?
    • Do you consume enough fibre?
    • Do you consume right type of fiber?
    • Do you consume too much fat and protein?

  1. Order package
  2. Take a sample and fill the form
  3. Send the sample to the laboratory
  4. Analysis results in 2-4 weeks

The test provider is Food and Fermentation Technology Development Centre (TFTAK) in Estonia, located in the Tallinn University of technology.

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