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BioInnovation Days 2018 and hackathon in Tartu

No translation available, sorry! 🙂 Euroopa Innovatsiooni ja Tehnoloogia Instituut (EIT Health) ning Eesti Geenivaramu tunnustasid Tartus sel nĂ€dalavahetusel toimunud “BioInnvoation Days 2018” hĂ€katonil MediKeep’i poolt loodavat innovaatilist lahendust, milles lĂ€htutakse inimeste terviseteadlikkuse tĂ”stmiseks geneetilisest informatsioonist. EttevĂ”te plaanib koostööd Eesti Geenivaramuga ja ĂŒlikoolidega nii Eestist kui ka mujalt Euroopast, et kiirendada personaalmeditsiini arengut ja tuua…

MediKeep 2.0 is here!

Official press notification: Mobile application MediKeep now offers drug-drug interaction analysis based on a user’s personal medicine box in Estonia. MediKeep 2.0 has not only a completely new design but also several new features. The company participated in Grants4Apps Accelerator by Bayer Healthcare last year in Berlin. MediKeep’s goal is to simplify the management of home medicine….

End Of G4A Accelerator 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 was a great year, we hope that 2016 will be even more productive and successful for MediKeep. DemoDay in Berlin went really quickly it was great fun, we met many interesting people and made a lot of contacts, hopefully some future co-working contacts! Thank You Bayer, G4A, Jesus and our adorable…

MediKeep in Berlin 2015

It all began in April, when due to Bayer Nordic our CEO Kerti heard about Bayer HealthCare Accelerator (G4A). Our team made a video to present ourselves and before we knew it, we had a celebrating skype call from our lovely coaches including Jesus del Valle, announcing that: “We are sorry to inform you, but the plane ticket…