“Everyone deserves access to their general, genetic and environmental eHealth data and to exploit it for the benefit of their longevity, better medical treatment and healthier lifestyle decisions.”

MediKeep mobile app was born from the founder’s personal need to be reminded about medicines for children and health events within the family. Its secondary goal was to provide easy access to educational information about medicine and family’s health history. Now it is time to take it to another level through personalized health care solutions.  MediKeep is aiming to become health & wellness empowerment tool in the era of artificial intelligence.

Kerti Alev

Chief Executive Officer | co-founderKerti Alev


Chief Technology Officer Tanel Teemusk

Kaisa Kabin

Chief Financial OfficerMeelis Pint

Allan Kändmaa

Data Protection Officer | co-founderAllan Kändmaa



Astrid Salumäe

Nutrition Research
Astrid (at) medikeep.eu

Keith Kukkela

Prevention Research
Keith (at) medikeep.eu

Liis Haljasmägi

Pharmacogenomics Research
Liis (at) medikeep.eu


Andres Kütt

Kaarel Mikkin

Service Designer, Brand Strategist & Mentor. Cofounder and Partner at Brand Manual Tallinn & Stockholm.

“Change is the only constant in life. And MediKeep is on its way to do just that – changing the way we look at our everyday health and teaching us new tricks to live a better life.” – Kaarel Mikkin

Andres Kütt

Andres Kütt

Freelance software architecture, technology strategy and digital governance specialist.

“MediKeep is a great idea because it, quite literally, targets a painkiller rather than a vitamin market by solving not a convenience but a potentially life-threatening problem.” – Andres Kütt

Andres Kütt

Lili Milani

Estonian Genome Center senior researcher, University of Tartu;
University of Uppsala / SciLifeLab fellow

“Medikeep is a smart solution that uses validated data and approaches to support patients in taking the right drug, at the right time, and using the right dose! By including genetic testing, it brings us a step closer to fulfilling the promise of personalized medicine.” – Lili Milani